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Instructions for Firefox

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Deleting old certificates

This section will help you to delete any old AUSSEC certificates. Caution: Please delete only certificates for AUSSEC, deleting any other certificates may cause problems with other sites and even possibly require the web browser to be reinstalled. If you are unsure about anything in this paragraph please ask or skip to Importing the new Certificate.

Edit the preferences

Windows: Tools -> Options…
Mac OS X: Firefox -> Preferences
Linux: Edit -> Preferences


Go to the Advanced section

Select the Encryption tab

Select View Certificates

Certificate manager

Select the Authorities tab

Highlight any AUSSEC CA entries and then Delete them (there may be none if there are only Server certificates)

Select OK to confirm deletion of the certificate(s)

Select the Servers tab

Delete any Aussec server certificates (there may be none unless there were no Authorities certificates)

Select OK to confirm deletion of the certificate(s)

Close the dialogue box

Importing the new Certificate

AUSSEC CA download page

Using your browser point it to http://www.aussec.com/cacert.
This will present a page similar to the one shown at left.

As of July 21, 2009, when the upgrade is complete, there will only be the new CA certificate shown. Until then, the old one and the new one are visible.

Selecting trust for Aussec

Select the PEM format. A new window will now appear, the minimum requirement is that you trust AUSSEC to identify web sites. We recommend that you trust us for all three to make it easier in future. However this is not mandatory as the above steps can be repeated at a future date and additional trust added at that time.

Move the window titled "Downloading Certificate" to a convenient spot on the screen so that the SHA1 and the MD5 fingerprints are visible.

Caution: You need to "View" the Certificate before you proceed.

Comparing certificates

Select the View button and compare the fingerprints on the General tab with those on the web page. Close the dialogue box using the Close button at the bottom of the box.

If the fingerprints compared successfully it is safe to select OK. If the fingerprints did not compare successfully you must select Cancel, as this certificate may not belong to AUSSEC. Please advise AUSSEC immediately if this is the case.

Now you are ready to go back to reading your mail… Enjoy!