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Horde - Imp is a web based mail program and is not an application that sits on your local hard-drive. Because of this we need each user to update the security certificate individually. We have put together a set of instructions which should assist in the process of updating your certificate.

When a CA certificate expires a new one has to be issued. In the case of it being a self-signed certificate, browsers that use it will need to have the new one added. There is currently no way to do this automatically, as there are decisions of trust that have to be made.

Please note that all images on these pages are links to large size images.

After the completion of the upgrade, Firefox ,Internet Explorer (IE) or Opera, will display something like the following images and will not allow access to the page(s).


Untrusted issuer security error

Internet Explorer (IE)

Website certificate error


Security issue

Instructions have been provided for a number of commonly used browsers. If you are using a browser other than one of those listed, please contact AUSSEC before proceeding.

Please select instructions for: